With Us, Your Rental Property Is In Safe Hands

Flat Rate Monthly Management

We keep pricing simple and predictable. We’ll collect rent, field maintenance calls, keep you compliant, and more for just $79/month

Get Quality Tenants in 21 Days

Our thorough screening process ensures we place a reliable tenant that pays on time and cares for your property.

Attention To Detail

Annual property inspections, proactive maintenance, detailed accounting & legal compliance

Flexible Options

We customize our service to your needs & goals.

Full-Service Property Management In Mesa, AZ

  • Leasing & Legal Paperwork
  • ​Annual Property Inspections
  • ​Monthly Property Accounting
  • ​Property and Vacancy Advertising
  • ​Rent Collection
  • ​Direct Deposit
  • ​Tenant Eviction Services 
  • ​Property Showings  
  • ​Tenant Screenings/Credit Analysis, Verification of Rental and Employment History 
  • Tenant Management 
  • ​Efficient Property Maintenance

Why should you choose Simas Property Management?

Enhanced Marketing

Our line of business application and strict marketing processes allow us to quickly and automatically post your rental property to dozens of rental websites like {Examples}, and many more. On average our marketing practices result in an additional $100/month in rent.

Tenant Screening

Dealing with a bad tenant is the easiest way to sour your experience with renting property. Not to mention the monetary loss from evictions, repairs, and other legal fees. Our thorough tenant screening process is as good as it gets! We will do everything in our power to uncover the truth behind prospective tenants. Once we think we have the perfect tenant we can run it all by you to give the final word.

Rent Collection & Detailed Accounting

Let us deal with the hassle of collecting your money, so you can get paid on time! Simas Property Management’s robust reporting tools and detailed record keeping means you have the full picture of where each and every dollar comes from and goes to. We try to keep it as simple as possible, so there’s no confusion or frustration for us, our clients, and our tenants.

Maintenance & Repairs

At some point something on your property is going to need to be repaired. Whether that be a failing HVAC system, backed up drain, squeaky hinge, or anything else, let that headache be ours and not yours. We pride ourselves in communicating quickly and clearly. The result of our good communication is repairs being completed quickly, properly, and for the best price.

Regular Property Inspections

Don’t just hope that your property is being taken care of. We personally visit your property several times a year to insure it is being cared for appropriately. At least once a year we will perform a comprehensive inspection that includes both the interior and exterior. These inspections play a crucial role in discovering necessary preventive maintenance that results in saving you money.


In the unfortunate event that a tenant needs to be evicted from your property, we will act swiftly and strictly within the law. We work with an Arizona based top-tier law office that specializes in eviction orders. Their unparalleled expertise and our detailed record keeping means getting a bad tenant out as quickly as possible to get your property back in the black.

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