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Are you a property owner in Chandler looking to find the right tennant? Or are you searching for the ideal home to rent? At SIMAS Property Management, we’re experts in rental properties, and are here to make the life of landlords and tenants easier.

We pride ourself on our customer service. We guarantee open and honest communication, so you know exactly what is happening with your property. Our job is to give you complete peace of mind.

Property Owners and Landlords | Chandler

We work with many Landlords in Chandler, by fully managing their rental property affairs. From marketing and searching for the perfect tenant, to property maintenance and inspections – we can cover every aspect of your investment property for you, so you can be sure it continues to generate income.

Rental Properties and Tenants | Chandler

We understand that for renters a property is still their home. We work with you to ensure you get treated fairly as a tenant, as well as make life easier for you. Pay your rent online, and always have a point of contact so you know any problems or concerns will be dealt with quickly and effectively.