Application fee$45 / one-timeCharged to all prospective tenants that apply to live in any of our properties. The fee is not refunded under any circumstance.
Leasing fee$200 / one-timeCharged if application is approved. Covers administrative costs associated with putting you in your new home.
Security depositOne month’s rent (fully refundable)This standard security deposit is held for the duration of the lease and is returned in full upon completion of an exit inspection in accordance with Arizona law. Costs to repair any damage to the property are deducted from your security deposit.
Pet deposit$250 / one-time (fully refundable)Supplements the security deposit to account for increased possibility of damage that a pet may cause.
OtherThe properties managed by Simas Property Management come in all different shapes and sizes, have different owners, and various upkeep needs. Some properties may have additional fees associated with them to account for these differences. For information about a specific properties fees please reach out to us by visiting our Contact Page.